Spectral Shaiya - Don't Forget To Vote [1242]
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mana qog vote sa 123
eh check
sa 4 kae dli lge pde
ambot lanq
wala ko kahibaw
points hatag ato?
ambot lanqq tan-awa lanq nya
collage na diay ka?
hahaha..nag cellphone lang q uie
ikaw diay
high school pa
grade 10?
di grade 9 pah
1 hour ago
Hey guys
1 hour ago
Hi pia
1 hour ago
Hey Pia?
what name of your skype mom pia??
can i add i need more friends :sick:
your grade 9 prince|?
out naku wala na time piso net :sick:
oh your in K-12 right?
see ya next time
pag cellphone uie
pocket wifi ba
100php 1month.
1 hour ago
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